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MyNext’s website design team are based in Sydney and can provide you with custom website designs that are stunning and effective. MyNext will provide creative ideas and concepts, that can help your business achieve the visual look and feel you’re searching for, that will in turn come to represent your business and brand. Whether you’re looking for a graphic makeover on your current website that’s lacking an edge, or starting a new website from scratch MyNext can help bring your website to life! Whatever you’re trying to achieve with your online presence the MyNext design team will assist you through the whole process from start to finish.

At MyNext we understand the importance of good design and all great websites start their life at the design stage. No builder would start to build a house without a solid design, just as no web developer should begin developing a website until the design is approved, which can minimise the time and cost for development.

Our creative twist and design flare can assist you with:

  • Custom Website Design
  • Logo Design
  • Email Marketing Campaigns

Why you need to get a custom website design?

No matter how your website looks it is not going to get you more traffic from search engines, your website design needs to focus on the usability and structure, so users will continue to use your site and potentially share their experience through social media. Creating a unique–looking website that is designed for your business and what you do will assist in helping your customers to remember your brand.

When it comes to designing cars I don’t think they spend too much time and effort considering whether they should put the steering wheel in a different location, the same can be said about the majority of websites having their logo in the top left corner. Whilst there are some constants in website design MyNext will work with you on the layout and structure, so that your website will either be set up to sell your product or to convey information about your brand.

Should I use a template or pay for a custom website design

Even though there are thousands of templates available online for a reasonable price or free, they are always designed and built as a “One-Size-Fits-All” solution. When you are creating a website is not unlike going for a job interview, you’re trying to impress the other person and you know you’re going to be judged on how you look, how you act, what you say and how you say it.

Now imagine if you went to a job interview with a one-size-fits all suit or dress. And imagine if you prepared for that interview with standard responses that everyone’s already heard before. MyNext believes that it’s far better to be unique than to use templates that everyone else is using. In business especially on the internet, it’s all about first impressions. What first impression do you want to make?

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