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I am sure everyone has heard of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and you may even be aware that it is one of the most competitive words in the online world. Sales focused SEO companies and SEO agencies will tell you that “we can get you the number 1 spot” regardless of your request, unfortunately they are talking about something that is outside of their control. More knowledgeable SEO companies and SEO agencies are more likely to use language like “we maybe can get you the top 3 spots” because they understand that search is both complex and constantly evolving. As a general rule of thumb, the more certain the person selling SEO services, the less likely they are to be trustworthy.

seo-mynextIf you are considering Search Engine Optimisation, MyNext applies a range of white hat techniques, that should help improve your websites ranking in the major search engines. MyNext provides cost effective SEO solutions that are considered a necessity and extremely beneficial when it comes to getting your business off the ground and into the online game.

MyNext’s Search Engine Optimisation steps to improve your websites ranking:

  • Keyword research, analytics tracking and performance reporting
  • On page optimisation focusing on keywords
  • Site architecture & structure
  • Link building and content writing
  • Social media management and integration

Search Engine Optimisation vs Build it and they will come?

Some people set up their website, it probably looks really good to them and believe that this is all that is necessary in order to receive decent online clientele. However, unless you are a famous name brand, your business will simply not receive any online visibility unless someone types your business name into a search engine. The majority of clients will come to your site through a search engine and SEO involves optimising your website so that it appears at the top of search results for selected keywords related to your product or business. Search engines are giant indexers which sort through all the websites and individual pages on the internet, determining which pages are misleading and which pages are useful to the online community. Setting up your site in an organised  and logical manner makes it search engine-friendly, which is the basis of SEO.

What are the benefits of good SEO?
Certainly, anyone who knows and understands Search Engine Optimisation will agree that it is invaluable. However, some of us would like to know what the ins and outs of SEO really are. When we do not understand a concept like SEO, it can be tempting to hide our heads in the sand and not jump into new, unfamiliar territory. Rather than beginning an entire online education or assigning someone in your business the task of SEO, simply contact SEO Professionals and ask them your questions! They have been trained in and are constantly working with all of the techniques which give you the upper edge. Make sure they have a reputable (and provable) business portfolio and ask them about the techniques they will employ to help you drive traffic to your website.

Should I use a Paid SEO service vs can I do my own SEO
When you contract an SEO company like MyNext to run a campaign, you are trusting your content with Professional Analysts and Professional Copy Writers. If you engage in Do-It-Yourself SEO, you must spend hours weekly working on your website as the the SEO criteria is constantly changing to reflect what and how people are searching for content. Not only do you have to work on self education to learn SEO, but if your competition has employed an SEO company you will have to try and compete with what they are doing, in order to keep your search engine rankings high. Allowing the professionals to do all of your time-consuming work for you does cost more but also gets results!

Should I invest in Search Engine Optimisation or Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is an advertising campaign based upon search engine queries. You are familiar with the advertisements which appear above and on either side of Google and Yahoo search results. These results are not organic rankings and are only there because the company is paying to be there, every time you click on one of those links, the business has to pay the search engine per click, once they stop paying or run out of daily budget they will loose that position on the page. Even though you may not buy anything from that business and the PPC does not, in any way, increase their search engine rankings, they still must pay for their ads to receive any traffic. If you are like me, you will notice when you search for a topic on a search engine that you are far more likely to click on the natural results springing from your query than you are the little ads. These adds may not even be relevant to what you are searching but someone is willing to pay for you to visit their website. Compared to the businesses at the top of your query organically, which are first in the Google search rankings because they have content that search engines considered relevant and most useful for the online community. Wouldn’t you like your business to have that sort of reputation, rather than a desperate plea for attention from a paid advertisement?

In summary PPC is easy but costly to get you website to the top of a search engine, DIY SEO is ok if you have a basic idea and time to spend updating your website. Organic SEO may seem expensive at first but it is a long term investment, it may take between 2 weeks and 6 months to get your website to the top of the rankings and generating traffic from SEO.

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