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Social Media Management

Need help creating and managing your online interactions and content across social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube?

Our social media management goes beyond just posting updates across your social media accounts, we can also engaging with your audience, answer simple FAQ's and look for new opportunities on the most relevant social networks for your business to increase your reach and visibility.

Our Social Media experts spend all day on social media, managing our clients accounts, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Lead Generation

Want to separate un-interested visitors from users that have an interest in your offer and are willing to share their information?

Lead generation describes the process of driving visitors to a landing page, gauging interest in your product or service and then converting some of the traffic into valid leads that are willing to trade contact details for more information or the opportunity to win a prize. Depending if you are B2B or B2C, our experts will work with you to tailor a lead generation campaign for your business.

At MyNext our design and digital experts use the data collected on your landing page, to optimise the layout and find the perfect audience, that convert at a reasonable cost per lead, then we look at turning up the volume of leads.

Marketing Automation

Why not automate repetitive marketing tasks, such as sending on-boarding emails or send a weekly email with your latest blog post?

When was the last time that you have taken up for an offer online, whether it be a free download or purchase, we have been conditioned to expect the result to be in our inbox immediately after the handing over of information. This can only be achieved by marketing automation, where was can set up software that reacts instantly to one of these requests, at any time of day, and carries out the scheduled process.

At MyNext we have built a range of marketing automations for a range of clients, with the focus on setting up the expectation for the next parts of the journey. This may include letting your new lead know a little bit about what you do before you contact them.

CRM & Engagement

If you have clients or customers, you need somewhere safe to keep their details, whilst still having access to contact them when required.

They are many reasons to have a Customer Relationship Management in place for your business, you could use it to store contact details (that we can use for engagement campaigns) or track the last visit to your website. By keeping this data you can start to segment your clients and send them personalised offers, for example if we can work with you to identify your VIP's and send them a special discount to use on their next purchase.

MyNext's marketing and digital teams will work on campaigns that keep your audience engaged across multiple channels, and if you have an audience that have not engaged with you over a period of time, let us try and work on a re-engagement strategy, so that you can access your audience when you have something new to offer them.

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