Strategy Consultation

Digital Strategy

Have you ever thought about the long term strategy for your business? What about your digital business?

The same as you build up a personal relationship with some of your clients, learning a little bit more about them with each interaction, the same can be applied to your digital relationship with your audience. The better that you get to know them, the more likely you are to be able to recommend something that they would like.

Work with our digital experts to discuss why you need to start collecting data today, what data you should collect, how to collect it legally and store it so that you can use it effectively in the furture.

Marketing Automation

Why not automate repetitive marketing tasks, such as sending on-boarding emails or send a weekly email with your latest blog post?

When was the last time that you have taken up for an offer online, whether it be a free download or purchase, we have been conditioned to expect the result to be in our inbox immediately after the handing over of information. This can only be achieved by marketing automation, where was can set up software that reacts instantly to one of these requests, at any time of day, and carries out the scheduled process.

At MyNext we have built a range of marketing automation for a range of clients, with the focus on setting up the expectation for the next parts of the journey. This may include letting your new lead know a little bit about what you do before you contact them.

Segmentation & Insights

Have you been collecting data on your website? Want to see if there is a hidden message?

Collecting data should be a standard feature of any digital assets, this is not limited to data that users share with you and should include information about page views, time on website, email interactions, etc. Once you have started collecting this data we can start to use it to identify segments of your audience and work out ways that you will be able to identify new visitors into these segments earlier and potentially change the offer to them based on their segment.

Our digital specialists will work with you to collect data and then look for patterns that will allow us to optimise your audience interactions and ultimately increase your conversions.

Website Growth & Care

What would happen if your website was no longer available? How long would it take you to get it back up?

Maybe your website is getting more and more traffic, each and every day it gets a little bit slower until one day there are so many people on it that the website no longer works. Just like we upgrade our computers, phones and programs regularly, we need to maintain our websites so that they continue to work round the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are lots of small changes that we can guide you through to keep your website up to date and able to meet the demand of your audience, preventing it from going down when you need it most.

Our developers can work with you to make sure your website is regularly backed up, updated to the latest versions and identify any issues before they cause problems on your website.

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