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Brand Innovation

If you are starting a new business or looking to re-brand an existing business, you need a strong brand that connects with your audience.

You could say that we do logo design, but we prefer to call it Brand Innovations as we consider the story behind your business, the future of your business and how you connect with your audience. Once we have discovered all of these, we create brand guidelines that work for your business across multiple channels.

In order to help our clients with their Brand Innovation, we draw on our experts vast marketing, design, technical and digital experience, as well as our inherent understanding of brands and culture.

Design & User Experience

Do you have good looking digital and print assets, however you are not hitting your KPI's?

Design & User Experience can be make or break an interaction when someone is first discovers your business. We make sure your design is created for your audience and the UX is easy to use and optimised to promote your goals, whether that's sales or leads focused. We constantly work on the overall experience of a person using your assets such as a website or application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use.

Our design experts create quality assets for your business, however we overlay our digital skills to structure and test layouts that get your business evidence based results to back our decisions.

Web Development

Everyone can code there own websites now with free online tools, or find someone that can do it cheaper, so we only work with clients that want and need access to the best developers.

We have been developing digital assets for over a decade and in that time there have been numerous advances that affected the way websites look, but also the way they are built. We use a range of coding languages and have specialists that can help with any client or server side solutions.

At MyNext our developers build websites that are search engine friendly, highly customised and have the ability to scale with your growing audience. We can also integrate your website into other 3rd party platforms or connect multiple platforms to share information automatically.

Bespoke Software

If you have clients or customers, you need somewhere safe to keep their details, whilst still having access to contact them when required.

They are many reasons to have a Customer Relationship Management in place for your business, you could use it to store contact details (that we can use for engagement campaigns) or track the last visit to your website. By keeping this data you can start to segment your clients and send them personalised offers, for example if we can work with you to identify your VIP's and send them a special discount to use on their next purchase.

MyNext's marketing and digital teams will work on campaigns that keep your audience engaged across multiple channels, and if you have an audience that have not engaged with you over a period of time, let us try and work on a re-engagement strategy, so that you can access your audience when you have something new to offer them.

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